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Andy Stone

Andy’s role at GCS is our Superintendent. He oversees our field technicians for quality control, and he works with project managers to ensure our work stays on schedule from start to finish. Above all, Andy is dedicated to customer satisfaction, making sure our projects meet our customers’ needs. Andy brings 20 years of experience working

Hurricane Irma Storm Restoration

The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma Hurricane Irma left a path of devastation through the center of the Miller’s home. A large oak tree fell on the roof, cracking the trusses and penetrating the ceiling. Water permeated through the hole in the roof, damaging the wood floors and interior walls. Debris flung across the exterior of

Historic Home Fire Restoration

When it rains, it pours. However, it wasn’t water that destroyed the Erickson’s historic home in Tampa, Florida, on Mother’s Day. It was a spontaneous combustion in the garage that caused the devastating blow to this family of four. Fortunately, the family was not home. However, their home was completely destroyed; losing two of their

Hampton Inn & Suites

Accidents happen all the time, but some leave a bigger mess to clean up than others. A plumber’s error in the Hampton Inn and Suites resulted in a flood at the much-frequented Lakeland hotel. The water damage was extensive. Three floors, twenty-six rooms, and several major traffic ways later, the hotel administration had some serious

Jason Goble

Jason’s role is developing and maintaining relationships with our plumbing companies and insurance referrals. His 25 years of experience as a restaurant Managing Partner and love of getting to know people gives him insight into building quality business relationships. Jason has been married to his wife for 16 years and has two children. When he’s

Matthew Ogden

Matthew’s experience as a sales and marketing manager, as well as other management roles, gives him a firm foundation for guiding customers through our processes and assisting them through the roofing process. His role at GCS includes building relationships with clients and having a working knowledge of all products and services, but it is his

Mason Brooks

Mason assists clients through the roofing restoration process by helping them navigate paperwork and insurance questions. His previous experience in client management and roofing consulting, leadership certifications, and willingness to serve give Mason the insight he needs to help our clients achieve peace of mind regarding their roofs. Mason is a former college athlete and

Isaac Green

Isaac is a returning GCS Restoration employee and is responsible for responding to water and other residential and commercial building emergencies. He has owned his own lawn care business and has experience working with electric scooters, lifts, and metal manufacturing to produce roofing and siding. After graduating from LCS, he went to Hillsborough Community College

Noah Angotti

Noah is a client liaison between the insurance company to ensure their disaster is financially taken care of and their home put back together. He is a US Navy veteran and is currently working on his project management certification. Noah’s big family is very important to him, so in his spare time, you can find