Our Why - Central Florida - GCS Restoration

Our Why

Because we’re experts.

We are fully licensed, fully insured, industry-certified, and highly-trained staff with over 35 years of experience. We ensure every project is assigned to team members with the right background, education, and experience for the job to provide our clients peace of mind.

Because we’re thorough.

We are a full-service, comprehensive restoration and emergency services company. Our passion drives us to ensure each job is done completely, thoroughly, and with excellence. At the same time, we ensure clients and partners have a voice throughout the project with the goal to empower them, giving each partner in the project enough knowledge and understanding to take charge of what’s theirs and work independently as well as with our team.

Because we’re straightforward.

We prioritize clear and honest communication with our clients and partners. Integrity in our work is our highest goal, and we will be forthright in both our words and our work. Whether you’re a company supplying our materials, a client’s insurance company, or a family awaiting restoration of your home, we’ll update you regularly on our process and progress so you can stay informed and have peace of mind that your property is being taken care of.

Because we prioritize excellence.

Our goal is to provide peace during tumultuous times, and we do that by delivering high-quality work. We are dependable and transparent throughout the entire process, and we ensure the work we do is the highest caliber we can deliver. We use our skills, knowledge, and experience to provide practical, durable, and lasting solutions to some of the most difficult problems, and we pride ourselves on our customers’ lasting satisfaction.

We’re here to help.

GCS Restoration provides peace of mind after property damage.